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Team members - Meet the Crew

We're a small local group providing quality work at reasonable cost.  We can provide complete services for all your videography and photography needs.  We also do post production and editing.

So. we're just doing something we like to do.

John Carlisle (JC)

FAA Certified sUAS Pilot

John retired from his partnership with a local architectural and environmental firm in 2015.  JC has an MBA and BA from Louisiana Tech University.  He has worked in the area as a project manager for a prominent general contractor, and as a project manager for a local developer.  He has extensive experience with the building trades from both the construction side and the design side.After retirement, he pursued several hobbies including RV travel and custom pen making.  He has had a custom pen business for over 12 years.

Betty Carlisle

Visual Observer - TRUST Certified

Betty will be involved in almost all of our flights.  She will be the "Visual Observer" per FAA to assist with flight operations.

Betty has also logged many hours at the controls of a drone and is becoming proficient with her flight skills and videography work.

Betty received her TRUST Certificate in July 2022.

TRUST is The Recreational UAS Safety Test.  She has passed the aeronautical knowledge and safety test as required for flyers operating under the recreational operations of Title 49.

UAS - Unmanned Aircraft Systems

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