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  • Do you need a license to fly a drone?
    Yes and No. It depends on the 'intent' of the flight. YES - If you are going to fly a drone to provide a service to make money. FAA regulations require you to have a Part 107 Certificate. NO - If you are flying a drone just for fun for your own use.
  • Do you have limitations on flying a drone?
    As per FAA regulations there are restrictions and limitations to fly a drone for commercial purposes. Pilots can not fly over 400 above ground level (AGL). We can not fly over people or assemblies. We can not fly in restricted airspace. We can fly in controlled airspace with prior authorizations. We can not fly the drone beyond visual line of sight (VLOS) We can discuss all of these issues and limitations with you prior to proceeding with your flight.
  • Are you certified (licenses) and insured?
    Yes. Any pilot flying for us will be FAA certified as a Part 107 sUAS pilot. Yes, we have a $1 Million dollar liability insurance policy for each of our flights. Additional coverage amounts are available on request.
  • Are your drones registered?
    Yes. All of our drones are registered with the FAA and each drone carries these registration markings (similar to an aircraft tail number).
  • Are there penalties for flying for commercial purposes without a license?
    Yes there are. US airspace is governed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and they have sole authority in the airspace. The FAA can issue fines for violating these regulations. Our pilots will always fly per the regulations an have the necessary authorizations or waivers to fly in controlled airspace.
  • Can you work at construction sites?
    Yes, we have pilots that are OSHA 10 certified and have experience working in the construction environment. We can do progress monitoring (video & photo) promotional video. We will also be doing mapping in the near future.
  • How do you price your services?
    We price our services based on the complexity of the services provided. This includes the type of service, the location, the equipment needed, and the duration. Post production services may also be included. Some of our services are available as a package. All fees and charges will be provided to the client prior to engaging in a flight.
  • Who are your customers / clients?
    We can provide a wide range of services for aerial video and photo work, ground photography, and more. We work with real estate firms and agents, private land owners, construction firms, architectural firms, and one-on-one clients for blogs and You Tube video.
  • What are the concerns with licensed pilots flying illegally?
    Sometimes a certified pilot will make an illegal flight. They may fly in controlled air space without authorization, or fly above approved altitudes. This does happen due to client pressure or just to get a job. If this is the case, and there is an accident, any insurance will be cancelled and pilot and client are at risk. Illegal is the key word here.
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